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Our co-founder, Mitchell Callahan, appeared in BBC News! Throughout the article he discusses why it’s important to find the right location to set up shop.


BBC News - Picking the best location for your business


Here’s an excerpt . . . The company, Saucal [Mojito’s sister company], specialises in software that allows online retailers to accept bitcoin, an online currency.

Mr Callahan and his business partner Dominik Sauter set up the firm in 2011, drawing from the experience and knowledge that Mr Callahan gained from his previous job working for an investment firm.

“We started out small, we started building shopping cart plugins [for websites], so people could accept bitcoin. Then it scaled up from there,” says Mr Callahan.

He adds that as the Bitcoin market is far more established in Toronto than Calgary, his move has enabled him to expand the business far more quickly.

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