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For every new user you sign up to Mojito Sites, we’ll pay you 30% of their monthly fees.

That’s at least $140 per year. For every signup you’ve ever referred. Indefinitely.

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Wait, what’s an affiliate?

Affiliates are regular people—with no special skills or training–who help us promote Mojito Sites. They suggest it to their friends and family, endorse it on their blog, or share it with their email contacts.

When a new user signs up thanks to their referral, we reward the affiliate with 30% of the new user’s monthly fees. Pretty simple, right?

How does it work?

Signing up as an affiliate is absolutely free and takes less than two minutes.

You’ll receive an affiliate link that’s unique to you. Use it when promoting Mojito Sites: when a new user signs up through the link, we’ll know it’s thanks to your efforts and we can start paying you your 30% share, every month.

We’ll pay you in the currency the new user decides to pay with: either US dollars or Canadian dollars.

Once you start earning money, some fees do get taken off your income. Learn more about processing and eWallet fees >

Why endorse Mojito Sites as an affiliate?

It’s simple: Mojito Sites offers loveable, affordable, easy-to-build websites.

Website that’ll help your friends, your family, your contacts:

  • Tell their story,
  • Show their style,
  • Sell to new customers—
  • All without breaking the bank.

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