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When Liam Roney, a Calgary-based account manager for an engineering software company, was given a task to develop a marketing strategy for a new product offering, he was feeling the pressure.

His company was launching a new product line and the best strategy to sell the new products was by developing a unique website. However Liam recognized that a professional website design typically cost up to $10,000 to develop and requires continual investment to maintain. He wanted a web marketing solution that could be developed affordably and could be continually updated without relying on external services.


Mojito Sites to the rescue . . .

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That’s when he discovered Mojito Sites, a web-design studio that puts professional and customizable websites within affordable reach. Liam signed up for the subscription-based site and by the first weekend, he had 75% of the company’s new website designed. He said it was “insanely fast.”

“It’s super easy. With Mojito, you start from a template that’s already developed [via WordPress] and simply drag and drop images and write your content. I ended up with a website that’s really unique looking and very affordable!”

Liam said there was almost no learning curve. Even though he hadn’t worked with WordPress before, he felt comfortable getting started right away. “Before you even start your website, it looks amazing because of the Mojito-styled templates. The backbone of Mojito sites are well-styled and there’s also a high degree of customization through easy access in the interface.”


Beat your competitor on Google!

In today’s world, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity. Liam needed to beat out his competitors in the engineering software industry. “It was central to our new website strategy to attract new business and not simply have a website that acts like a ‘virtual business card’.”

Mojito templates took care of important SEO features for Liam like URL structure, page titles and image tags. The Mojito templates also gave him lots of tips while he was building his site so he didn’t ever have to worry about becoming a SEO pro.

“We achieved page one ranking and beat out all our competitors in our Google ranking for our desired search terms. Without the tools in Mojito, we wouldn’t be on the first page. You almost can’t put a price on that!”


And don’t forget those mobile users . . .

Another great feature of his new website? Liam says “the fact that it’s mobile and tablet-friendly right from the start is amazing.”

Did you know that 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour? (iAcquire) A mobile-optimized site is just as important as actually having a website.

Finally, Liam says “Mojito is ideal for anyone who needs to get a website up quickly, affordably and generates results!”


Check out Liam Roney’s Mojito-powered site at:

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