This is a basic intro tutorial to search engine optimization (SEO) and its mechanics. SEO really becomes a to-do checklist, so if you follow the rules, you will rank well. This lesson will be broken up into several blogs, and will get progressively more advanced.

Lesson 1: On page structure

To rank well, you need to structure your site so that Google can read your website easily.  Imagine that a search engine is a giant library and your website is a book. If your website (book) does not have a proper title and table of contents, Google (the library) will never find it.  Google acts similarly when it crawls through all the websites on the internet.

So in short –

  • Make sure the URL has keywords or keyword phrases in it (e.g. “how solid edge subscription works”).

  • Make sure you add keywords in your page title and description (keywords used here are “Solid Edge Subscription” and “Solid Edge Rent”).

  • You need headers on your page.  It tells the search engine what the content is about.  Remember not to overdo the SEO.  One keyword should be used in places like URLs and headings.  Your content should not exceed 2-3% of those keywords in your paragraphs and text, or Google might think you are trying to trick it.


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