Your Business Needs a Website


Top 5 Reason Why You Need A Website. Now.

As a store-owner, you’re busy. Period. You’re an expert in what you do, but when it comes to the very thought of creating a website, it stresses you out. You don’t even know where to start.


Brick and Mortar Store


You probably hear from many people that you need a website for your store, but you keep putting it off. And there are multiple reasons to put it off – the cost, no time, few resources, and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar?

But today, more than ever before, you HAVE to have a professional-looking website. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should have a website for your brick and mortar store:


  1. Legitimacy.

A website shows people you’re the real thing. They may find your store by searching Google, or they may visit your website after they find your store from walking by. However they get to your website, your site is a reflection of your business and it will build the credibility of your store. In many cases, your website becomes your new storefront, where people will discover you first online, then go to visit your store. Which gets us to our next point…

  1. Increase new foot traffic to your store!

You have the ability to attract the attention of way more people online than you would within your local community. Sure, all the residents around your store know that you’re there and come by often. And sure on some days you’re driving in new window shoppers. But with a website, you have the ability to reach a larger group of potential customers – people who would never come to the area where your store is located, but will now make a special trip because they found out by searching online that you carry their favourite product line they can’t find anywhere else!

  1. Contact Information, Location and Store Hours.

This is important. Now people can learn more about your store even when you’re not there. Pertinent information about your store is accessible 24/7 like your store hours, location, email address, product line, and so on. Do NOT forget to put your phone number on your website. According to a 2012 study by BIA Kelsey, 60% of local business website didn’t have their phone listed on their site.  Be sure to include all contact information.  And if you’re on social media, make sure to include those links. This is a great way to have a direct dialogue with your current and potential customers and keep them updated regularly on your store’s latest news.

  1. Build an Online Store Next!

Your storefront is successful. People love the products you’re selling and you have gotten to know your customers well. Why not consider starting an online store as well? This way, you can have customers, no matter where they’re located, order products right online. Sound extra complicated? It’s not. With Mojito Sites, you only pay $75/month for a 40-product catalogue (coming soon), shipping and sales tax calculator, secure payment processing and you can even offer your customers coupon codes!

  1. Increase customer satisfaction, save time & sell more!

With an online store, your customers will save time by not having to make a trip to your store – now they can purchase that product they are always coming in for, online. By giving your dedicated customers easy accessibility to buy their favourite products online, you are making your life and your customers’ life a whole lot easier.


We take pride in helping our clients build affordable, lovable websites that can be found on Google. We think it’s time you get your store online, let us help show you just how easy and affordable it can be!


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