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At Mojito, we’re all about making things easier and more affordable for you.

No matter your business, Mojito is an affordable and easy way to quickly build your online presence and improve your Google ranks – so customers can actually find you.

One amazing way to improve your search results in Google is by having a blog on your website!

Now before you groan at the thought blogging, it doesn’t have to be painful and the results you get from blogging will be well worth it. According to a HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers.




So here are Mojito’s top 5 blogging tips to get new customers to find you online:

1. Think about what potential customers are Googling!

Take some time to consider what people are actually searching for because people who don’t know you exist won’t be searching your company’s name.

Let’s say you’re a landscaping company, in a Google search they might be looking up ‘coolest outdoor spaces’ before hiring a landscaper. If you want your site to appear in their Google search, then blog about ‘coolest outdoor space’ (in the marketing world, this is known as keyword research). Use your blog to answer customers’ questions.

Take some time to think about what kind of questions potential customers have about the business you’re in and use these as keywords to guide the topics of your blog posts.


2. Keep It Short!

Good news! You do NOT have to write essays. No one wants to read essays (not even your high school teacher!). Your blog should be true to your voice and it should be short so people will actually read it.

While there’s no steadfast word count for blog posts, we typically recommend 300 – 500 words. That’s doable right?


3. Make ONE point.

It’s easy to go off on tangents but follow the KISS rule when it comes to blogging – Keep It Simple, Stupid! Before you start writing your blog post, determine the one key message you want your readers leaving with.

Make one goal and make one key point. Our point of this blog is: You should blog, here’s some easy tips so you actually do it.


4. Have a ‘call-to-action’

What do you want people to do after they read your blog post? Come into your restaurant for Wild Wing Wednesday? Take advantage of a limited time offer? Share your blog post with their friends? Tweet about your amazing blog tips?

At the end of every blog post, try to get your readers engaged by including a call-to-action.


5. Make it pretty!

Break up text with images or videos. Include pictures of your staff, take shots of projects you’re working on, share a viral video from YouTube (if it makes sense for your post) or use the abundance of free photo sharing sites.

Need some blogging inspiration?

One pool company has done such a good job blogging that the owner, Marcus Sheridan, brought in $1.7 million in sales from one post. His success has been featured in the The New York Times. Now be inspired by his very effective blog about pool questions!

Do you blog for your company? If so, please comment and share your best tips with us! (Psst … this is our call-to-action)


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