Your website, these loveable features.


Simple to build, from your Mojito Sites Dashboard.

Put together the content you want, no technical skill needed:

  • Web pages with text and images (choose from different layouts)
  • Touch-friendly picture galleries (just drag-and-drop your images)
  • Contact forms (use the simple form-builder)

Manage your site from anywhere, too—the mobile-friendly Dashboard works on any device. Need even more control? Switch from Easy Mode to Advanced Mode—and gain access to your fully-functional WordPress back end.


Personalize it, starting with a ready-to-go design from the Theme Library.

Connect your own domain name, add your logo, customize your colors—bring in your brand and style. You can change your site’s theme at any time, too—your content will switch to the new look seamlessly.

Ready to do some designing?
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Connect with your audience, using built-in social media.

Your site plugs right into your social media profiles, and encourages visitors to share on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Amplify your voice, by adding a social-powered blog.

Write about what you know and love—categories and tags help organize your posts and make them easy to find. Your site helps you connect with your readers, too—commenting and sharing buttons are built right in.

Show the world you know your stuff.
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Sell to the whole wide world, by opening a fully-functioning online store.

Show off your goods in your product catalogue—promote sales and offer coupon codes, too. When shoppers check out with a purchase, your store adds shipping, calculates sales tax, and accepts payment by credit card, PayPal, or COD. It’s the complete (and convenient) e-commerce experience.

Make your first online sale!
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Be mobile friendly, at the flip of a switch.

Make your site design responsive to screens of all sizes—just switch the Mobile option to ‘on’. That’s it—you’re ready to grab attention on any device.


Climb up the search rankings (and get found sooner), with no-work SEO.

Google loves your website, too. It’s set up for search engine optimization (SEO) and has marketing goodies baked right in. Your site:

  • Automates all the techy-but-important SEO stuff—page titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, keyword-rich URLs
  • Makes your contact information easy to find and use
  • Connects content to your Google+ profile in search results, with Google Authorship
  • Tracks where visitors come from and how they use the site, with Google Analytics

Be worry-free, with the power of WordPress and security of cloud hosting.

Surprise! Your Mojito website is based on the popular WordPress content management system. Dependability and flexibility have made WordPress the most-used web platform in the world—but Mojito takes out the technical barrier with the Easy Mode Dashboard.

You can trust your hassle-free cloud hosting, too:

  • Automatic updates to WordPress
  • Protection against security threats
  • Quick load times anywhere in the world with CDN support

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